April 5: D2L Connections Conference, Normandale College

Karen LaPlant and Zala Fashant presented three sessions to 80 participants.

D2L Connection Conference

The Art of Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning

Many new full-time, adjunct faculty and early-career faculty have gaps in their abilities to teach well so students can benefit from significant learning. Understanding the art and science of teaching usually takes semesters as faculty learn from their successes. The purpose of this session is to shorten the time it takes you to design your teaching so that it is effective and delivers significant learning. We will cover practices and tools that have been successful and an action plan outline to help you implement that content into your practice.

Assessing the Quality of Your Course

From developing courses with clear objectives and outcomes to effectively creating authentic assessments and presenting lessons, this session will help equip you with the creative approaches, fresh perspectives, and practical tools you need to take any course from bad to good, or from good to great.

Ways Brightspace Can Make Your Course Communication Even Better

We have found D2L Brightspace to be valuable in delivering frequent and effective course communication. We will demonstrate how to build community in a course with the purpose of retaining students, achieving significant student learning and teaching workplace skills students will use after graduation. Examples are provided. Analyze the effectiveness of your own current communication by using this course communication plan.

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