Jake Jacobson 

As a campus Center for Teaching and Learning leader working closely with faculty in both liberal arts and career and technical education programs, Jake Jacobson understands how program/department and institutional assessment play a major role in student success and retention. Leading developer of creative Portfolio and events, that focus on students, college program development, and industry needs. He has designed workshops for faculty on teaching and learning and hosted one of the largest faculty development conferences in the country on his campus and served as member of a systemwide planning committee.

Jake has had the opportunity to design strategic plans for institutional accreditation and been integral in the preparation of the campus reports. He understands the need to coordinate program advisory committee input to develop course offerings in curriculum development and how student and faculty evaluation plays a role in improving course and program quality. 

  • Department Chair and faculty of graphics design-web and interactive media, art history Minneapolis Community and Technical College, University of Wisconsin, Collage of Art of Design, and the University of Minnesota.
  • Program coordinator for the MCTC School of Design and the Arts.
  • Leader of MCTC Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Museum Director and Curator, Virtual Museum of Education Iconics, University of Minnesota.
  • Owner, Merlin Design and Communications.
  • Presenter at national conferences on faculty development and Adobe.
  • Presenter at state and local colleges at faculty development conferences and events.
  • Designer for MCTC AQIP Accreditation Report.
  • Member of Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD).
  • Encore webmaster and designer