Stories are a wonderful way to learn and share information that learners remember. In our years of working with faculty we have many stories to share about how faculty have used a variety of strategies to improve their teaching and student learning. We hope you enjoy these TALES of teaching by authors of the book Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning and the faculty they have worked with in faculty development opportunities. Enjoy the TALES!

  • Redesigning Your Course for Significant Learning – Stewart Ross  Sometimes we find that our assumptions about what is important to learn or how best to deliver instruction is rooted in our experience as experts in a discipline instead of viewed from the learner’s perspective, as illustrated in the following vignette told in our book, Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning.
  • Taking the Mystery Out of Learning – Zala Fashant  As a university professor, I had students ask me, “Am I doing good job?” I often reflected on my years of teaching elementary students where I heard the same question. What amazed me is that students hadn’t gained the ability to assess themselves and their own progress throughout their education. How do we take the mystery out of learning?