Encore Professional Development develops human potential to sustain quality organizations. Through significant learning experiences, Encore goes beyond training to embed change into the culture of an organization through employee engagement initiatives. Realizing the valuable role of employees, Encore provides for their growth which increases the sustainability and retention vital to success.

Who Are We?

Encore is a collaboration of colleagues from Minnesota State (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities). Each has a unique perspective of having worked in both business and education and can bridge the understanding of how each needs the other. Businesses need great training to make the change necessary to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Education is working hard to retain students who are prepared for careers.

Each author is a recognized leader in their field of teaching and learning and is committed to sharing their experiences to help other faculty and administration, front-line workers and management to understand and use these best practices to improve the academy. Their experience combines over 100 years of teaching, 75 years of leading centers for teaching and learning, and presenting internationally at over 500 conferences, workshops, and webinars on topics of course and curriculum design, online teaching, and classroom learning strategies. The authors have been the “go-to” authorities on their campuses and have worked closely with faculty and administration to develop innovative ways to improve teaching for faculty and learning for students. Together they have impacted thousands of students’ experiences in the classroom.