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Encore is the response from audiences for outstanding performances. Encore delivers the design necessary to provide significant solutions. Learning audiences in business and educational organizations need to be engaged in their work. Encore inspires individual and team growth as you integrate innovation, inclusion, and integrity into your organization. Is such a goal just a dream? Not at all; Encore will help you create and deliver the dream!


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Summer Online Course Design Institute: great faculty, great courses

Zala Fashant, Karen LaPlant, Linda Russell and Stewart Ross, experienced directors in faculty development with the Minnesota State system have presented to over 300 university and college faculty in the past few months on redesigning their courses to create online delivery for the summer and fall sessions. These presentations are being delivered currently through an online institute. The content for the institute is based on the recently-published book, Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning which Zala, Stewart, Linda and Karen co-authored with Jake Jacobson, and Sheri Hutchinson who have all led online and teaching and learning centers on university and college campuses in the Minnesota State system.

This 3-week, 9 session online institute uses Zoom for the synchronous component and the institution’s LMS for online asynchronous content and activities to guide faculty who are creating a new course, want to improve a current course, and change a course to deliver it online. Using the book, Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning as a text, author facilitators lead participants through the elements of integrated course design to support effective teaching and provide significant learning for students. The institute also examines how to assess the quality of courses and student learning results can serve in program review and institutional outcome assessment. The institute’s unique design provides campus staff and resources to blend into the content and presentation to tailor the learning to faculty of the institution. Team-based strategies is used as groups from individual programs and departments can share their work and reflections of their practice to gain valuable ideas from one another.

The online institute models how to use many learning management system tools and the pedagogy behind them for online teaching so faculty can use them in the design of their own courses. The facilitators are also working collaboratively with campus staff to provide optional online synchronous sessions to use the LMS tools to deliver instruction in their course design.

To order the book Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning: https://styluspub.presswarehouse.com/…/Designing-Effective-…

For colleagues interested in the Online Course Design Institute contact: Zala.Fashant@Encoreprodev.com

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The book Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning with sunscreen and sunglasses next to a pool.Required Summer Reading!

We are faced with designing courses and programs that will draw students and provide significant learning. This newly published book by Stylus delivers. The authors are using it as a text in accelerated teaching online courses with colleges and universities. Simply moving to online delivery and turning on the web cam isn’t enough. Students are weighing their options and want quality courses that deliver significant learning. It is time to innovate and teach like you have always wanted to. Order your copy today. https://styluspub.presswarehouse.com/browse/book/9781642670059/Designing-Effective-Teaching-and-Significant-Learning

Book Contents, Foreword, Testimonials and Author Information

Book ReviewsGet a sneak peak at what people are saying about the book


ISM Presentation

Thanks for attending the ISM presentation. I mentioned three authored articles that you may enjoy reading.

  • Business as Usual… Defining the New Normal – Zala Fashant  We are all swept up in the flurry of change that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. Having been through several diseases that have swept the globe there is something about this one that is making us take notice and change the way we live and do our work. Some would argue that there is too much hype and others support the strong caution being taken. We have faced disease sand other environmental changes in the past, but for some reason this pandemic has made us question the way we operate and makes us wonder how this will impact the future.
  • Leaders as Teachers – Zala Fashant  I have spent my career working in the worlds of education and business. In teaching university courses I have often translated the mission from one sector to another. In conversations with business and industry leaders, they often chose to point out differences between themselves and their education counterparts. As a college dean, I needed to form partnerships with business and industry partners and the longer I worked developing these relationships, the more I saw the similarities between the two.
  • Successfully Delivering Significant Change – Zala Fashant   The reason most change fails is that it isn’t properly designed. Often the changer decides something needs to be different than it is now. Designing quality change begins with communicating the dream or vision of the change destination is critical if you want everyone to be successful on the change journey.
  • More authored articles
New Article: Teaching Online… Defining the new Normal

Suddenly, the luxury of offering courses in a variety of deliveries vanished. With stay-at-home lockdowns in place, it was strongly recommended that only essential personnel went to work and only essential travel for food, medical and the like, was acceptable. For the first time, many faculty were stripped of choice and needed to continue student learning moving forward by meeting with their students virtually. With no real end in sight, this was the new normal – at least for now.



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