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Encore is the response from audiences for outstanding performances. Encore delivers the design necessary to provide significant solutions. Learning audiences in business and educational organizations need to be engaged in their work. Encore inspires individual and team growth as you integrate innovation, inclusion, and integrity into your organization. Is such a goal just a dream? Not at all; Encore will help you create and deliver the dream!


What’s New? 

Karen LaPlant and Zala Fashant are presenting at the Shift Happens Conference this week. This is a free conference for and faculty and administration.  Participants will discuss:

“How do we acknowledge the changes that our learners are going through?  What challenges and inequities do our students face?  What was exacerbated by the pandemic?  How did you shift?  How do you look at your work differently?   Which policies and practices did you put in place to meet the shift? How do you innovate for when Shift Happens?”

Our interactive sessions are:
  • Focusing on the Future: More of a Look in the Mirror, Than a Crystal Ball – Wednesday, May 26, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Central
  • The Cycle of Course Design: An Interactive Poster Session – Thursday, May 27, 10:45-11:15 AM Central

The sessions are based on the work we have done in the OCDI course at six campuses and several highly-rated conference presentations we have given this past year working with over 400 faculty and instructional designers. We will be discussing the change that occurred in teaching and learning during the pandemic and possible directions in the future. The session will gather the interactive responses from the participants and distribute them so everyone has some takeaways.



The authors of Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning have been working with colleges and universities this past spring and summer. Click on the Summary link above to learn more about how faculty are learning to design more effective learning in both the online and face-to-face delivery for students. Over 350 courses have been redesigned in past few months! Participant Voices:

“The instructors are incredible. The knowledge they possess and their ability to communicate the information to us in a meaningful way with clear precise steps for applying the course materials is modeling the significant learning I want in my own courses. The book is a wonderful and has dynamic information in it.”

“Thank you for the course. It was really nice to see a quality online course that I can try to duplicate. The information and quality of the delivery was really impressive and I hope others will take your course to get the benefits I have received by taking it.”

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You too can be a Jedi Master!

Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning book cover with a list of 2021 resolutions and Grogu (Baby Yoda).Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning makes you a Master Jedi course designer! Resolve to make your courses even better for 2021.Enjoy your copy today.  In the US and Canada     In Europe


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There are over 40 educational and business workshops from which you may choose or you have the option of having one designed for your institution’s needs. Learn more about these highly-rated workshops we have delivered in person and online at international workshops. We look forward to talking with you more about them as we ready them to meet your institution’s learning needs. Go to Courses and Workshops in the top menu bar.


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