Encore is the response from audiences for outstanding performances. Encore delivers the design necessary to provide significant solutions. Learning audiences in business and educational organizations need to be engaged in their work. Encore inspires individual and team growth as you integrate innovation, inclusion, and integrity into your organization.


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Online Courses

Encore and Innovation Synergy are collaborating to provide 20+ online, self-paced courses in Business, Education, and Marketing.

Imagine…. The power of learning at your fingertips. Learning, anytime, anyplace, about anything you want to or need to know. You design your learning and earn badges to show your mastery of competencies.

Inspire….  Learning that expands your interests integrating your prior knowledge and experiences from multiple portals. Learning independently at your own pace and individualized, taking the time to dig deeper when you want and not having to wait for others to catch up. 

Innovate…. Designed micro learning that is self-motivating and organic on any device. Significant Lifelong Learning that is effective and immediate. Learn today, apply and integrate tomorrow.

Learn today…. Apply tomorrow! 

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Conference Presentations


Minnesota Learning Commons Learning and Technology Summit Presentations

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 @ 9:40 AM CT (20 minutes)

This inclusivity session discusses designing successful experiences for all learners. where both introverts and extraverts learn best. A variety of learning activities and assessments will provide chances for all students to learn in their more comfortable mode and offer ways to expand learning in other modes as they prepare for careers. Participants will share responses in Chat as a poll and the activities and the LMS tools they use to make inclusivity intentional in the course design. Using well-designed pedagogy and the tools from your LMS, we make this dream a reality. Join us to learn how!

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The power of LMS Tools: Course Communication

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 @ 9:40 AM CT (20 minutes)

This 20-minute session will focus and show how faculty can best communicate and develop a welcoming environment for learning. We have found valuable ways to deliver effective course communication.

Purchase the online course and receive a complimentary eBook and Certificate of Completion. 

Designing the Future of Effective Teaching and Significant Lifelong Learning

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 @ 10:40 AM CT (40 minutes)

This session examines current traditional versus future design models of lifelong learning which will include greater access, convenience, immediacy, and credit for knowledge. How will we prepare to adapt to the changes that is centered more on learners? Join us for analysis of microlearning, badges and stackable credentials to demonstrate mastery of outcomes where lifelong learning delivered in a more seamless and immediate manner. Credit is given to individuals for what they know and can apply as they build upon their skill sets. Participants share responses through polling and Chat.

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collaboration with edu innovators EDU LOGO

Announcing a new collaboration grounded in shared values and a shared vision.    

Encore Professional Development, Innovation Synergy (IS) and EDU Innovators are collaborating to offer both the design of effective teaching and a way to measure the significant learning by using the technology to assess the transformation.

“EDU Innovators specializes in technology modernization and transformation for K-12 and Higher Education, positioning technology as an academic enabler for student success, educator effectiveness and operational sustainability.”

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Being Our Future Best: Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning

Thanks for joining us for this collaborative learning opportunity which was recorded on September 28, 2021

Webinar Description

Join authors, Zala Fashant, Linda Russell, and Karen LaPlant for this informative, future look at the Cycle of Course Design as a process for designing future dual-delivery courses to better respond to academic and environmental challenges.This design process has helped 400+ faculty during the pandemic who have participated in the Online Course Design Institute and several international conference workshops as they used the content from their book Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning (Stylus, 2020) as a text for step-by-step redesign.




Facilitators have been working with faculty and instructional designers nationally to redesign courses for dual delivery in the Online Course Design Institute. Each faculty member chose one course to redesign by:

  • aligning the learning outcomes, assessments and activities;
  • creating a communication plan for online and face-to-face communication
  • ensuring course material accessibility;
  • integrating learning technologies;
  • assessing course quality; and
  • planning for the measurement of program and institutional assessments;

This highly-rated, three week workshop is design to develop courses that produce effective teaching practices and significant learning experiences. Since the beginning of the pandemic, facilitators have worked with over 500 faculty and instructional designers through the online course and a variety of online teaching and learning conferences. Your institution can benefit as well. Learn more.

“The instructors are incredible. The knowledge they possess and their ability to communicate the information to us in a meaningful way with clear precise steps for applying the course materials is modeling the significant learning I want in my own courses. The book is a wonderful and has dynamic information in it.”

“Thank you for the course. It was really nice to see a quality online course that I can try to duplicate. The information and quality of the delivery was really impressive and I hope others will take your course to get the benefits I have received by taking it.”

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The book Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning with sunscreen and sunglasses next to a pool.Summer reading

Hot temps and hot tips! Summer is a great time to think about redesigning courses. This book is a must-read for faculty, leaders and instructional designers. Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning will provide ways to design courses and structure organizations. Create the future of learning now!  Learn more and order today.

Enjoy your copy today.  In the US and Canada     In Europe


Campus and online workshops

There are over 40 educational and business workshops from which you may choose or you have the option of having one designed for your institution’s needs. Learn more about these highly-rated workshops we have delivered in person and online at international workshops. We look forward to talking with you more about them as we ready them to meet your institution’s learning needs. Go to Courses and Workshops in the top menu bar.


Instructor Resources

Learn more from resources gathered for our Institute and additional information for our book including teaching tip strategies, authored articles and stories about teaching.


Presentation and Project Portfolio

Learn more about the presentations we have delivered in-person and online on a variety of learning and business topics for the past 15 years. The list includes the conferences, webinars, and workshops we have presented to audiences worldwide.


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