the power of Assessment

We hope that by the end of the chapter you will be able to

  • distinguish between testing and assessment,
  • use student learning outcomes to create assessment activities,
  • develop appropriate scoring guides or rubrics to use in assessment, and
  • plan for assessment improvement after reflecting on current assessment use.

Presentation Map

Cycle of Course Design

  • Taxonomy of Significant Learning – examining outcomes to design assessments
  • Assessing the Student vs. Assessing Student Learning
  • Assessment Elements
  • Providing Feedback
  • Rubric Construction and Effectiveness
  • Designing Types of Course Assessments
  • Aligning Assessments with Outcomes
  • Assessment to Measure Student Learning

Points to Ponder

This presentation analyzes multiple uses for effective student learning assessments to get the maximum impact with minimal time through course design. In thinking about designing the courses you teach, consider the following questions to examine your prior knowledge.

  • What do you currently know about assessing student learning?
  • How could you use testing as an assessment? Is all testing assessment?
  • How could you blend multiple means to assess student learning and improve your course?
  • In what ways could course assessment be used beyond determining a student’s final grade?
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Learning activity/Assessment
Reflective Practice Activity
Additional Readings and Resources – Sample


Rubrics to Improve Your Course

VALUE Rubrics (AAC&U)